In-flight detection of points of interest. (Case: Water Detection)
Monitoring of environmental disasters. (Case: Post Cyclone Idai, Malawi)
Environmental monitoring. (Case: Mata do Zumbi, Cabo de Santo Agostinho-PE)
Disaster monitoring in dams. (Case: Eduardo Campos Dam, Palmares-PE)
Autonomous Mapping for regions of interest. (Case: Chikwawa, Malawi) has emerged from the need to bring science-based solutions to society. Our solutions include flight monitoring by unmanned aerial vehicles, semi-controlled routes, autonomous flights, creation of temporary networks for obtaining data, route verification by mathematical and statistical validation, and application of Artificial Intelligence for the recognition of points of interest.


  • CEO

    Lucas Sampaio


  • CTO

    Paulo César Marques


  • Co-Founder

    Jones Albuquerque


  • Co-Founder

    José Luiz de Lima-Filho

    Co-Founder and Director of Lika

  • Hernande Pereira da Silva

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